About Bob Scurfield

Bob Scurfield has strong prairie roots having been born in Tisdale, Saskatchewan, raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and having lived his adult life in Winnipeg and Toronto. His business career, which is ongoing today, has enabled him to travel Canada from coast to coast. His understanding and appreciation of particularly the prairies, but in reality all of Canada, is evident in his choice of subjects, his style and his passion.

Bob brings to his paintings not only his vision of the prairies, but also the spectacular beauty of the Lake of the Woods region, and the immense size, power, and serenity of Lake Winnipeg. More recently, his work reflects his interest in many other parts of the world, while specifically focusing on landscapes, and sports, often mixing these interests into colourful peoplescapes and creating exciting, dynamic interpretations of what he sees.

Bob has been fortunate to have worked with and learned from a number of internationally recognized and award-winning artists and teachers including Judi Betts of Louisiana, Jean Peterson of Calgary, Arne Westerholme of Oregon, George James of California, Melanie Robins and Milos Milidrag of Manitoba, and Michael O’ Toole and David Langevin of British Columbia.

Please contact Bob by phone, fax, or email to discuss or purchase the paintings shown or to inquire on other paintings. Bob is also open to the commissioning of specific landscapes, or peoplescapes, that have particular meaning to you.